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Citizen Crime Fighter
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This is a larger than life story about an average guy pushed to the edge of his limits. Victimized by crime, law enforcement and then by the judicial system, I was forced to reevaluate a society rampant with contradictions and inhumanity. Accounts of people who made Herculean efforts in response to some tragedy are almost common – the 100 pound woman who finds the strength to pull a car off her child; the parents who start a national movement after their child is murdered – and the list goes on. Each shares two common threads – there was a tragedy and an extreme action was performed after someone was personally affected by the event. This book was written to explain why crime and drugs do not have to equal tragedy.

Action can be taken successfully before human devastation occurs. The average person has all the skills needed to take simple, effective, preventative measures to garner visible, meaningful results against drugs, crime and the bureaucracy that enables corruption to proliferate. Parts of this narrative may seem unbelievable or incredible. They were. The experiences, the people, the places my quest took me were all sometimes surreal – but every word of it is true. You may think this is fiction…but it is real…and right outside your own front door…more so today than ever before. Most readers will immediately come to the conclusion it isn’t worth the aggravation of trying to regain our American rights, or feel there is no way to beat the system.

Mike - 2013
Second year undercover - 1984 passport
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