Citizen Crime Fighter

Citizen Crime Fighter
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Prepare to be outraged, intrigued and inspired. In an entertaining and informative narrative, Citizen Crime Fighter, Mike Bonventre, gives a first hand account of his days working as an undercover operative for law enforcement. During that time, he oversaw the sale and distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal drugs doing business directly for a Mafia capo in the world of Organized Crime. America is becoming an alien landscape where drugs, crime and corruption erode our culture, drain resources and challenge our faith in the future. Drugs are an epidemic in our communities and citizen apathy is allowing the problem to continue.

The average age of a first time illegal drug user is 1976 was 16 years old. The drug of choice was usually marijuana. Today the average age is TEN years old and the drugs of choice are methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. The United States comprises 5% of the world population but consumes nearly 60% of all the illegal drugs produced. Be concerned about these statistics but don’t give up on America…read this book.

Mike Bonventre encourages everyone to take a closer look at life…to wake up, step up and be involved in taking America back…to again make “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” a reality.

Mike is an honorable man whose real life experiences as a victim turned Wise Guy and later as a crime fighter renews belief in the power of dedicated individuals. We can reclaim our American heritage from drugs and fear. It is possible to make changes in laws and government so the system works in favor of the average person…and the Citizen Crime Fighter who accomplishes this can be you.

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